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Une petite valse en jazz

Now that I have a weighted-key digital piano in my room, I've been playing a lot more. More like: I've gone from playing the piano only when I'm home in Chicago to playing it a couple hours a day. Over the past few days, I've been alternating between playing pieces from Philip Glass's "Metamorphosis" and more or less messing around with my own creations. The one below is a simple jazz waltz:

Une petite valse en jazz score

Perhaps, I wrote this one down because the beats in it are steady enough to easily transcribe. Additionally, unlike most other music I write, it lent itself fairly naturally to a key. Maybe you'll see some vaguely modal music which is played primarily on the black keys from me sometime soon.

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  1. Recording please!

  2. This would have required me to have not forgotten my midi to usb cable in Chicago.

  3. You can get an audio recording from the line out. If you need audio adapters I have way too many.

  4. i have a midi usb cable. it hasn’t been working with the keyboard that i have, so i’ve actually been meaning to drop by your place to verify if it’s broken or not.

  5. You can definitely do that. I’m gonna play with a line out from Chris soon, too.

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