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"Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing."

liz writes stuff down (the blog)

The outcome of every decision tells a story, but the other possibilities are often infinitely more intriguing because their story creates a paradox. Each moment that goes overlooked provides a window into another world. It's a lot like focusing on the negative space in the Helvetica character for the lowercase letter "a."

That's a lot of what goes on in my head during the idle moments, and sometimes I write it down or capture a quick photograph of my surroundings.

liz denys (the author)

My name is Elizabeth Denys; you should call me "Liz". I graduated from MIT with an S.B. in Mathematics and an S.B. in Computer Science and Engineering in June 2011, then moved to New York.

I adore bright colors, but mostly wear black. I think that everything, except typeface, should be bold. You can also see my homepage or my food blog.

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